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Can I apply for one Sphere of Practice AND the Thematic Focus?
Yes you can. Please note that you can choose between the following options:
- You can apply for ONE sphere of practice
- You can apply for ONE sphere of practice AND the thematic focus
- You can apply for the thematic focus ONLY
Can I apply while being enrolled in a study program?
No, while being enrolled in a study program at the time of your application you are not eligible for a fellowship, even if your studies are finished by the time the fellowship program starts.
Can I work on the application during the application period?
Yes, you can logout and login to work on your application during the application period.
But please make sure to finish the process until April 30, 2019!
What constitutes a complete application?
If you have filled in the questionnaire, uploaded the pdf, selected the sphere of practice you would like to apply for and paid the application fee (in case you come from an industrial country) your application should be complete.
The system will tell you otherwise what you have missed out!
If I would like to hand in a postal application what do I have to consider?
Please download the application form and follow the instructions.
Send your application as a single mailing to the following address:

Akademie Schloss Solitude
Solitude 3
70197 Stuttgart

The deadline for applications is April 30, 2019
It is not necessary to use couriers like FEDEX or UPS, you can send your application by regular mail.

Incomplete applications (e. g. work samples without an application form or an application form without work samples) will not be considered. It is not possible to submit forms or samples separately.
Should I hand in recommendation letters?
You do not have to send recommendation letters/testimonials. It is sufficient to name two persons who are familiar with your work and can provide information about it.
Who is obliged to pay the application fee of 15 Euro?
All applicants from industrialized countries.
Applicants from industrialized countries are those living, working or on fellowships in developed countries during the application round (individuals who are currently enrolled on university or college programs are not eligible). The applicant’s nationality is irrelevant.
Which payment options are available?
The payment has to be done without request either via PayPal, Credit card or (in some European countries) Bank Transfer (Sofortüberweisung) in the application shop. You will not receive an invoice.
The deadline for your payment is April 30, 2019!!!

If you use PayPal in the application shop, for most countries besides Germany, you will need a valid credit card and in any case the e-mail address of Akademie Schloss Solitude:

Possible transaction fees will be at the expense of the applicant.
What should I do if I forgot to pay the application fee during the registration process?
Log in with your email address and password.
Go to »Your Application«. You will find your application status and a link to payment methods.
Continue by choosing the payment method. Please keep in mind that the payment deadline is April 30,2019!
Will there be interviews?
No interviews will be held during the application process.
Customs duties charged on international mailings
In case you hand in a postal application, please note that the following applies to international mailings:
if a customs value is required, this should be as low as possible (€ 10–€ 20). The Akademie is unable to cover any additional international customs clearance duties and will be forced to refuse acceptance of the delivery.
When will the results be published?
The allocation of fellowships will be announced from August 2019 at the earliest. Letters of refusal will be sent between August and September 2019.
Postal applications will not be returned.
When is it possible to begin the fellowship?
The earliest possible start date for fellowships awarded is April 2020. As not all selected fellows can be hosted at the same time, further start dates will follow in autumn 2020, spring 2021 and so on.
Family/spouses …
Can the family/spouse accompany the fellow during his or her stay?
The studios are equipped for use by one individual only. However, we do try to accommodate families/spouses as far as possible. Please note that this is not always possible in the case of families/spouses from abroad, because the entry and residence regulations of the Federal Republic of Germany must be observed.